How To Become Admin of Facebook Group that has No Admin -In this Tutorial I will post how to Become Admin of Facebook Group that has No Admin. We all are aware about the popularity of Facebook. It’s one of the best method to share your content online or you can say best social media ever build to promote your contents and products online.

Facebook provides many features to boost your traffic in seconds such as Facebook Page, FB Groups, Your Own FB Wall etc. If you have Facebook Group of more than 10000 members then your blog traffic may increase.

Become Admin of Facebook Group

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In this Tutorial we will use Facebook Social Toolkit chrome extension To Post Into Multiple Facebook Groups In One Click.

  • How do I become Facebook group admin?
  • How do I become Admin to my Facebook page?
  • How do you make yourself an admin on a Facebook group?
  • How do I add an administrator to a Facebook group?

Become Admin of Facebook Group that has No Admin

In this we will use Facebook Social Toolkit Premium Version to Become Admin of Facebook Group that has No Admin. If you will ask me which is the best method in these features to viral your product or content then I will go for FB groups. The reason is that it’s a child play to join a Facebook group but to spread your post, images on internet via Facebook page you will first need decent likes on your FB page say 100000. Here is Collection of Largest Facebook Group Collection having 1 Million Members or more

How to use Facebook Social Toolkit premium version for Free

1) At first download FST extension from below Links

Facebook Social Toolkit – Tricks By STG

2) After Downloading the file extract the file via any extractor like WinRAR and open the extracted folder.

3) Now open Chrome browser and go to Extension tab or simply type url chrome://extension/

tricksbystg -ftk1

4) Now go to Extension Tab and Click on developer mode option and it will add one new option for load UnpackedExtension.

tricksbystg stk 2

5) After that click on  load UnpackedExtension and navigate to the folder where you have extracted the downloaded file or select path as  Facebook Social Toolkit premium 2.1.6\chrome\FST-2.2.6.

6) After Successfully selecting Folder Click OK and you are Done. Now it will simply Install toolkit in your chrome. After this use this Toolbar for any purpose.

7) Now login to your facebook account and click on Social Toolkit icon on the top right corner of the Chrome. It will show many good options, just select any one you which you want to use form the list.


8) If you want to use any premium feature then simply click on any task under premium feature tab and in email address type and password as tricksbystg or any random details.

9) Now you have unlocked premium feature and you anything you want to use.

How To Become Admin of Facebook Group that has No Admin

1) Click on Facebook Social Toolkit Icon


2) Now click on Claim as Group Admin

3) Now it will Extract Details and check All groups having no Admins. If That Particular Group have no admin  then you will become Admin of that group within 5 minutes.

4. Hope you like this trick, please share this and do comment if you have any problem regarding any step, i will try to solve your issue. 

Note – This will work only when the Group has no Admin. If a Group is already having admin then it will not work.

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  1. Thanks for your post, I have installed the extension, however group admin is showing as a premium feature, and it is requesting for license key and it says the cost is $15, is there a way to do it without a cost?

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