PointsPrizes Refer and Earn and PointsPrizes coupon code


PointsPrizes Refer and Earn and PointsPrizes coupon code – Get Free Gift Cards and Free Bitcoins from PointsPrizes refer and earn. You just have to complete some offers and refer your friends to get Free gift Cards. We have added PointsPrizes Coupon Code also to get Free points in PointsPrizes.

With PointsPrizes.com you can earn free gift cards from top brands such as Amazon, Playstation, XBOX, Steam, iTunes, Google Play and many more!. PointsPrizes is a site that allows you to earn money by completing offers such as email submits, site registrations, surveys and downloads.

PointsPrizes Refer and Earn

Start by earning points with our free offers and advertisements. Once you’ve earned enough points you can visit our website to claim your prize. If you’ve claimed a gift card we’ll email the gift code to you. Alternatively, you can claim a direct payment to you PayPal account or Bitcoin wallet.

Every time you complete an offer successfully, you’ll earn some points. These points add up in your account and can be used to claim prizes such as free gift codes or a direct cash payment via PayPal or Bitcoin! PointsPrizes Refer and Earn in same as swagbucks, Grabpoints to get Free Gift cards.

How to make Account on PointsPrizes

To get started, visit the website and submit your email to create an account. It takes seconds to get going and there’s no need to create a password.

1) To make Account on PointsPrizes Click Here

2) Enter your email Address and nothing else required.

3) Now you are at homepage, now use below PointsPrizes Coupon Codes to get Free Points

4) Click here to apply below PointsPrizes Coupon Codes to get Free Points, just copy below pointsPrizes Coupon codes.

PointsPrizes Coupon Codes List 2018

The PointsPrizes Coupon Codes are the codes that you can apply towards your account to earn free points without performing any required task. Yes! No need to complete any survey, review or offers, you will still get a points when you use these PointsPrizes Coupon Codes.

PLASMA25 – Head up and enter the code in your account to earn free 50 points using this PointsPrizes coupon code.

Earn Free Points – Share your payment proof and add a review to earn free points. Moreover you can earn that by completing offers and surveys too using this PointsPrizes coupon code.

DELTA100 or ICE100 or QUANTECH3000 – Use any of these voucher codes to get 100 points for free. It is valid for new user account only using this PointsPrizes coupon code.

BRUJP50 or SAVE50 or BEERMONEY3573 – You ca try any of these codes to get 75 points credit in your account using this PointsPrizes coupon code.

REDDITSUB345 or TWEETR562 or FEARLESS50 – These are some old bonus codes that you can try to earn up to 150 points for free using this PointsPrizes coupon code.

FACEGROUP900 – Receive 900 points for FREE. Some restrictions may apply. Please check the TOC before using this PointsPrizes coupon code.

DUCK100 – It might be available for existing users too. Enter that to get 100 points using this PointsPrizes coupon code.

Proof of PointsPrizes Refer and Earn

How to Earn Points in PointsPrizes

If you live in a more affluent country such as the United States, Western Europe or some parts of Asia and the Middle East you will see lots of offers and, given a little persistence, you should be able to earn enough points to claim a prize fairly quickly.

1) Complete Offers given in the offer wall to earn points

2) Complete Survey which are available time to time

3) Use PointsPrizes Coupon Codes to get Free Points in PointsPrizes

Steps for PointsPrizes Refer and Earn

Most important advice when promoting the referral program is to TARGET the right audience and niche. Do not spam links everywhere. Instead share links in places where there are people that will actually be interested in the niche you are promoting.

Referral points are an unlimited and an extremely powerful way of earning points. There are two types of referral points you can earn:

  • Referral Bonus Points. You will earn between 1 and 10 points (depending on traffic quality) for every valid account that signs up with us through your referral links. These points are unlimited and in most cases this is the main way that users earn referral points.
  • Referral Points. You will earn the equivalent of 10%, from any points users you referred earn. So for example, if you recruit a user that completes 3000 points of offers you will earn 300 referral points. Please note that you do not earn this percentage from bonus points.

How to get PointsPrizes Referral Link

1) Open Your PointsPrizes Account

2) Goto Referral link Option to get PointsPrizes Referral Link

3) There you will get your PointsPrizes Referral Link

4) You get the equivalent of 10% of the points earned by anyone you recruit via your referral links. So, if you recruit a user for the United States and they complete 3500 points worth of offers you will receive 350 points.

5) Increase your referrals by sending visitors to a targeted prize landing page, blog post, review or social media.

How to Redeem Your Earning From PointsPrizes Refer and Earn

Once you have enough points, go to the left sidebar of your account and open the “Claim Prizes” tabs. You will see a wide range of gift cards code and direct prize options ready for you to claim!

Prize delivery works as follows:

  • Direct Payment (PayPal, Bitcoin) – 30 day wait time before we send payment.
  • Gift Cards like Free Robux codes – 7 day wait time. We send valid gift codes to your email.

Wait times are designed to prevent fraud. Gift codes are only valid in the United States, so if you live outside the US you should select a Paypal or any other direct payment method.

PointsPrizes was started few years back as an online rewards platform. It helps you to earn free points and gift prizes in return of completing offers and surveys. It is 100% legit site having millions of active users worldwide.

So Use PointsPrizes Refer and Earn and complete some offers to get Free Gift cards. Also we have added PointsPrizes Coupon Code to get some free points.


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